Back to Nature

by Bert Keely

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There are many genres I love, and the roots all intertwine. But these solo guitar, jazz, rock, and acoustic pop pieces are bedrock for us, deserving careful study and sprouting much joy.


released October 5, 2016




Bert Keely San Francisco, California

His 1979 debut "Take Me Home" is now prized by collectors of psychedelic folk. But it was the 2000's when Bert flew highest, with the merry pranksters known as the Flying Other Brothers. These days he savors the most intimate acoustic music, which he performs and records with his daughter Megan and son Brandon. But if you want to hear Bert's own voice and electric guitar, this is a good place. ... more

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Track Name: Cinema Paradiso (main theme)
For folks who make films, especially those who have achieved success at it, Cinema Paradiso strikes the very deepest chord. The main theme, written by by Ennio Morricone, was interpreted beautifully by Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden. Here I've pulled the chords onto one guitar, Nancy's '59 Strat with the low string tuned all the way down to G.
Track Name: Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
The blend of Crosby, Stills & Nash's voices have inspired multiple generations of singers. Stephen Stills wrote this during his breakup with Judy Collins. All the published transcriptions of his Spanish at the end seem wrong, here's what I'm pretty sure he said:
Que linda me acuerdo a Cuba, la reina de(l) Mar Caribe
Quiero solo visitarme alli, y que triste que no puedo vaya, aha aha!
Track Name: Comfortably Numb
David Gilmour must be the most lyrical guitarist in rock. Worth studying and trying to channel! Thank you Jodi for the suggestion.
Track Name: You Don't Know What Love Is
A staggering song made popular by Billie Holiday. I haven't lived it, but from the song I sure feel it. Played on a 1957 Gibson 225T with a broken neck that I bought from Joe Satriani.
Track Name: Black Cow
Donald Fagen, where did you get those chords?